Friday, 12 March 2010

Tuesday 9th March 2010

This night was the greatest night of my life.... i had the pleasure of seeing my hero -the darling Miss. Emilie Autumn <3>
Arriving at Sheffield Leadmill, i was nervous to begin with. So many beautiful muffins but i was too scared to talk to them.. but when the doors opened all the nerves melted away. The first thing i did was race to the merch stand, where i bought a beautiful VeVa key necklace, a VeVa poster and an Emilie one... And to make it even better Tabby, the lovely lady behind the merch stand was so lovely and sweet. And soooo pretty and cool.. No surprise that EA seems to surrounded herself with wonderful, cool women!!

Then to the stage.. It was so beautiful.. a darling table set up with a wonderful amount of tea-pots, tea cups and plates and plates of cupcakes and cookies. And to the other side.. Emilie divine harpsichord *sigh* An array of skulls and dolls surrounded the bottom. Along with rattys (obviously) and "Beware of Escaped Inmates" sign :D
At around 8pm.. 'Best Safety Lies in Fear' began and out came the Bloody Crumpets, one by one. Cap'tn Maggot, Contessa, Aprella and VeVa... And then Emilie, in her rat mask... *sigh* 4 o'clock starts it... and so it begins...
Opheliac was next.. followed by The Art of Suicide. Emilie was sat in a golden wheelchair whilst Aprella and VeVa had flowers..
VeVa played the Rat Game with a beautiful VKAer called Sophie.. I was only a little jealous.. ok a lot :P
VeVa And Emilie kissed, Aprella and Emilie kissed... VeVa made out with all the Crumpets but she was, of course, tricked or forced!! :)
Contessa was hilarious!! (SHE EATS PEOPLE!!) "She's a cannibal.. and an arsonist.. but mostly a cannibal".. but its ok as we are all different.. DIFFERENT!!
They spat and threw tea, and cupcakes.. Maggy hula-hooped, and walked on stilits (AMAZING!), VeVa did the most wonderfal fan dance.. Contessa ate biscuits the only a cannibal knows how, Aprela is so graceful... and they are all so wonderfully weird, crazy , insane (well apart from Contessa..or so she claims..) and so bloody beautiful, i could have died on the spot... I love them all so much
And then there is Emilie... Emilie Autumn...... *sigh*... no word can describe... I love her...
The night ended much too soon.. and the time went much too quick.. The Asylum Chaser appeared much too soon to catch Emilie and her Crumpets and take them back to there room..
But i went home aglow, buzzing from the night. Proud to be a muffin, a plague rat, a member of the Asylum Army and the VKA.. Proud to be DIFFERENT... hehe.. we all are after all.

Party like its 1841...
Spread the Plague.....