Friday, 3 December 2010

Why hello there..

So many days have passed since my last post... whether anyone cares i do not know!

Well.. here we are coming to the end of another year. I adore this time of year. Halloween, Christmas, coal fires burning.. the nights drawing in. I love the darkness, outside darkness anyhows.. inside not so much.
Daylight.. i could take it or leave it... :P

And well, i'm coming to the end of this year still in a much better place than i was last year. On December 12th i will have eaten properly for a whole year. Seems like such a simple thing but this will be the first year since i was 15.. (I'm now a fair bit older!!)Fingers crossed i can make it 9 more days!!

Snow has fallen so deep on my little country town, that i am now doing a little bit of hibernating so i may do abit more blooging than usually over the next few days.

I do hope my 9 glorious followers are well and wonderful.

Love to you all