Tuesday, 15 December 2009

The view from the outside.

What did i do?

Why do they do this to me?

You deserve it...

Do i? Is that it? I don't think so.. you see what it is they finally saw the real me and didn't like what was looking back at them. I was the person they walked all over, i was thier doormat. Now, i'm broken... Woops.. that was not supposesed to happen!

Sew that girls mouth shut!! She has no right to be human. She is our doll... she sits, she listens, she comes when she called..

A doll?!?! No, she is a our pet.. and when she is bad she will be shut outside, in the cold...

Now i sit and look in on thier world.. i don't like the view... it was nicer inside.. warmer... faker...

Nurse, get the needle. Time to sew my mouth shut again.

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